Latest additions

Advanced Routing Strategy Script: Automatically continues routing towards 100% completion, capturing the "bestroute" results. Built in editor for user customization.





ELECTRA PCB Guided AutoRouting

Interactive and Automatic Routing solution that plugs into all PCB CAD systems such as Altium Designer, CADInt,  Protel, Pulsonix, Eagle, Target 3001!, PollEx from Polliwog, Proteus, DipTrace, Ranger, etc... (see full list)

Combines Interactive Push and Shove Routing and Shape based AutoRouting. 
Powered by a multi-pass cost-based conflict reduction algorithm to find an optimal routing solution adapting to the natural flow of the nets while following advanced DFM and timing constraints

  • Guided AutoRouting read tutorial 
  • Combined Shape Based and Pattern autorouting
  • Interactive Contour Router with Push and Shove
  • Dynamic Move and Compaction
  • Handles complex PCB designs with timing conditions such as min/max length, match length and differential pair constraints 
  • CAD plug-in using SPECCTRA DSN format 
  • Reasonable cost of ownership

Evolution from version 1 to 4.xx
(by running the same design and DO files)

ELECTRA v5 is sold and supported by KONEKT, OEM partners and is represented by over twenty distributors around the world.