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History of Changes 

*Eagle ULP version update 3.0
*Further improvements to the auto diff pair router
*Updated User's Guide

*Native Electra for Linux 
*tune command improvements for serpentine on diagonals
*Misc DSN parser fixes
*Fix situation with crash on exit 
*Fix length tolerance display in constraints editor
*Support DSN color definitions
*Default display of polygons is shaded to better see what's being covered

*Bug fix for group and "from-to" editing in presence of pre-fanout vias
*Support for automatic chamfering of tuned nets
*Added rule to specify min/max length amplitude for serpentine pattern (PCB/Class/Net levels)
*Added control for serpentine length gap
*Added "report network" to show length stat details of selected nets
*Misc improvements to the diff pair router

*Bug fix for match length across many net classes
*Improved constraints DO file generator

Differential pair autorouter to support pre-fanout
*Improved length matching accuracy

*Added switch to fanout in zigzag pattern
*Added tune command to autoadjust in-place routed matched/min length nets
*Added switch to enable/disable diff pairs routing to route as single nets
*Added swith to protect/unportect command to protect diff pairs only
*Added switch to write routes by type (protect | unprotect | select)
*Improved net length reporting

*Added control to write routes on selected net onIy, protected or unprotected only

*Improved handling of fat wires and large clearances during AR

*Further tuning of AR convergence
*Violation display follows the layer visibilty
*Improved display of locked nets

*Improved convergence for very high density designs
*Fix for ripped up protected wires in Eagle flow
*Added command arguments to protect/lock 

*New Advanced Routing Strategy script

*New command to add polygonal keepout from DO file
*Updates based on full regression tests, adjustment of crossing cost schedule
*Wrong UM resolution on routes files for TargetPCB
*Misc bug fixes

*Interactive Add/Delete keepout command
*Ignore Richtext when pasting into TCL console
*Support variable width rule per fromto (current distribution)
*Improved Polliwog integration

Parsing of RTE file to handle AutoCAD-EPD naming style
*Right Mouse Button drag to pan viewport
*Update selection list after "unselect all wires" + "select " 
*Output lower case net descriptor in routes file (KiCAD compatible) 

*Sped-up real-time display during routing
*Show pattern styles controls in router strategy dialog
*Shortcut Ctrl+W for Zoom Window and Ctrl+H for Zoom selected
*Take out hard lock nets from completion calculation
*Warn for undefined refdes in user from-to

*Update Eagle script to handle arc path(v2.7)
*Handle net name with space in "DRCs" panel
*Removed internal temp_net from Net panel 

*Display ratsnest to power/ground polygons
*Don't uppercase DSN layer names
*Fix placement case with reported length beyond limit 

*Internal cleanup update

*Path based oval pad support 
*Fix to prevent upper casing of layer name 

*Dragging of tracks/vias back to working
*Allow saving of match tolerance < 10%
*DEMO with latest version check at start

*Skipping power/gnd with pattern router
*Display improvement to show power/ground rastnest to split polygon
*Still more tuning for via minimization

*New Pattern Router for faster routing and 20% avg less vias
*Enhanced miter command
*Help/About has a check for latest version 

*Differential pair follows width wiring rule hierarchy

*New feature: Interactive Differential Pair Router
*Differential pair autorouter to follow use_layer rule and fence zone
*Updated Eagle ULP

*Net class min/max timing rule re-accounted
*To support incremental flow in placement, unselect component removes items in selection list based on attached connections
*Via padstack in RTE file to contain power/ground shapes

*Reproducable routing results on fresh start condition
*By default all text window output are saved to .log file
*Extended command status_file to specified logfile on disk

*Wrong via cost assignment in constraint editor
*Prevent empty padstack section on save (AD users) 

*Constraint editor to override rules defined in DSN file (new commands to delete rules by layer/net/class) 

*Improved dragging of routed track/via 

*Added sort command to change default order for autorouting (sort length) 

*Inconsistent results after second run on some designs

*Tuning of strategy on large designs (see comparison @ home page)
*IR: Added toggle option "Follow Mouse" to route from last mouse path (default) or from starting terminal
*IR: Added toggle option "Push and Shove".Helpful to contour around without pushing
*ReEnforce routing on active layer during guided routing
*Handling of session/design with multiple string quotes definition
*Fix of occasional crash on preselected wires after routing
*Details of routing history report was missing for fanout

v4.50 - (Area Guided Autorouting + Pin limited configurations)
*Added window selection of guides
*Improved wire guide selection, thicker ratline and select attached components
*Added "Route selection on active layer"
*Added "Recorner selection"
*Added "Fanout selection"
*Redesigned Draw Fence feature
*Bug fix: IR of power ground net shapes became invisible

* Autosaving and restore of regions 
* Region name and rule restore
* Comand panel enabled by default
* Report of net pair inconsistency and proceed with DSN reading
* Support of filename with multiple dots 


* Improved Interative Routing to support 45 degrees rotated pins 
* Expanded layout area limits to 4x4 metres
* Added unit context in generated DO files from contraint editor to support unit changes within session
* Sync unit widget with unit command

* Reinstate support for wire and via keepouts within component


* Fixed crash occuring on some condition after unroute all


* Post diff pair IR
* IR add via shortcut working condition
* IR account for spacing against unrouted pads
* Fix crash with "unroute all" 

* Improved handling of protected wiring for incremental routing flow 

Stable release with IR improvements

* Cycle through layers during IR without interruption
* Corrected display of clearance shadow 

* Interactive Contour Router with Push and Shove
* Dynamic Move and Compaction 

* Added certified signature for setup, EXE and DLL
* Fixed display of preprotected tracks missing ratline

* Improved routing completion in presence of 45 degrees pre-routes
* Integration with DEX

* Handle hover & report over any angle track

* Polygon properly transformed with pin combining pin rotation and parent comp rotation

* User guide update for select/unselect command syntax
* Polygon visiblity from power layers

* Fix freeze issue with connection having same from and to terminal
* Fix for fanout in presence of mixed layer type

* Show boardout and vias when all signal layers are off
* Increased resolution for Eagle script output
* Eagle ULP changes to auto-region
* Eagle ULP persistent class layer

* Misc fixes for Protect/unprotect/lock/unlock of selected wires from GUI or command

* Added DiffPair Navigator panel
* Cleaner workspace panel management on open/close
* GUI misc consistency cleanup 
* Sped up min/max/match length checking
* Fixed some length report overflow

* Select attached nets of selected comp
* Improved diff pair router and checking with small diff_gap
* Recent list increasd to 10, with full name
* Added extra View/Toolbars menu to control their visibility
* Constraint dialog misc cleanup related to diff pair gap
* Redundant shape overlap left over after unroute
* Fix for unprotect all vias
* DSN high speed misc construct support such as vp in fromto's

* Handling dash cmp | pin commands or DSN parser keys

* Improved diff pair routing
* Fixed selection in presence of angled path against pad rect
* Wrong preset of layer visibily in presence of mixed layer type

* Improved Arc support in board outline
* Fixed wrong truncated filename arg
* Turning off modified flag on save only
* Draw via with object via color instead of via shape layer color

ELECTRA v3.2 updates - July 1, 2014

* Enabled in popup menu "Zoom to selected" for panel selected component
* Added control to sort up/down components, nets and class items in Navigator panel
* Constraints Editor handles the clearance by type other than Wire (SMD or Via)
* Autoselect attached wires when selecting component
* Observe all layer visibily and selectabilty status from layer/object panel
* Improved filter in class editor (using Widcard Unix style)
* Added filters to Panelwidget (net, class and comp list)
* Net class editor works with multiples classes (was broken...)
* Added Edit / Delete_All_Fences menu 
* "man" command reports an alphabetical list of supported commands
* All commands have syntax reported when invoked with -help argument
* Command parser improved to handle syntax error and unrecognized parameters (unknown net name)
* Updated manual for some typos and missing commands
* Misc updates to user's guide with high speed syntax in command reference
* Adjust against primary screen in presence of multiple display 
* Natural sorting on all string list (Navigator, etc...)
* Extended multiple selection on Navigator
* Constraints editor missed the save of via grid changes
* Grid snap control (gridless routing)
* Colors settings stay permanent
* IC10 missing fanout final fix
* Filtering is now case insensitive
* Added menu to "Reset Workspace" to get back windows / toolbar/ panels to their initial state

Last ELECTRA v2 version is v2.9.6

Last ELECTRA v1 version is v1.7.1