Supported PCB CAD systems

Altium Designer - Altium OrCAD - Cadence Proteus - Labcenter
KiCAD Pantheon - Intercept Pulsonix - WestDev
CADint PADS PCB - Mentor Ranger - Seetrax
AutoTrax - DEX PCB  PCB Designer - CDS Target 3001! - IBFriedrich
DipTrace - Novarm PCAD - Altium UltiBoard - National Semiconductor
Eagle - Cadsoft/AutoDesk PollEx - Polliwog Vutrax - Computamation
Easy PC - Number One Protel - Altium WinPCB - CSiEDA  


System Requirements

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 on x32 / x64


  • Autorouting Techniques using ELECTRA V2 with Protel PDF

Any question?



  • How does the ELECTRA licensing works?
    ELECTRA has a software-only licensing scheme – no dongle is required. The software-only license locks the ELECTRA license to one PC (node locked) or allows the use of any workstation on a network (floating license). A user can move the node locked license to another PC without our intervention.

  • How long can I use my trial ELECTRA system after I download and install it from your Web site?
    The trial period lasts for 14 days and during that time the software is fully functional with save capabilities.

  • Are unlimited power and ground layers supported in the layer-limited versions of ELECTRA?
    There is no limitation in the number of power and ground layers, even on signal layers limited configuration such as 2L, 4L and 6L.

  • Do you have high-speed design support available for ELECTRA?
    Yes, since version 3, ELECTRA provides support for high-speed design. 

  • Are floating license/network versions of ELECTRA available?
    Yes, network versions of ELECTRA are available. Any workstation on the network can be used. 

  • What is the cost of a configuration upgrade, for example upgrading from a 4-layer ELECTRA to a UL ELECTRA?
    The cost is simply the difference in the price of the two product configurations.

  • Do I get free updates to ELECTRA?
    Yes, free updates are available on our Web site for the current major version of the product. We don't require a cost based maintenance model, but only once a major new release occurs, an upgrade offer will be provided. 

  • How do I get technical support on ELECTRA?
    Please email us at We will get back to you by either email or phone.