Adaptive Shape-Based Autorouting

ELECTRA is a new generation of Shape-Based Autorouting software for PCB that delivers high completion rate autorouting on the most densely packed, multilayer PCB designs.

ELECTRA plugs into all PCB CAD systems to boost the productivity with powerful automatic and interactive routing. It has been adopted by many users around the world.

KONEKT is a privately held company that was founded to develop and market affordable and high quality shape-based routing tools.
We take pride in providing responsive technical support.  Our products are constantly refined based on customer experience and suggestions.

What our client says

The Router is the best thing that happened to me in electronics. Works with KiCAD in a never believed performance!!!!! Best Router for KiCAD to work with. Ingenieurbüro Thorsten Stüker

I am very impressed with both the ELECTRA router and your support. In my opinion, KONEKT  is poised to take a major portion of the router market.

I am happy to be using the ELECTRA router in my production environment at Accelerated Designs.

I have used many autorouters, including SPECCTRA, and ELECTRA definitely is a strong product! The speed of the router is just amazing, and ELECTRA allows a designer to perform "test routes" to check for proper placement with almost no time investment.         Pat - Nystrom Computer Engineering

I was impressed how smoothly ELECTRA accepted my DSN and DO files. And the clean looking final route was really neat! This tool goes a long ways toward providing an effective autorouter at a cost where  even a small shop can easily afford to have several seats. Frank

I just finished up a 12 Layer i.MX6 w/DDR3 and RF design where I hand routed 90% of the connections and let my 4 layer Electra autorouter finish the remaining 200 or so - saved me a couple of weeks for sure.  John  

I have been using ELECTRA for about 4 weeks now. I have had very good luck using this router, and am very pleased with the product as it stands. The tools runs well, is very stable, is affordable, and produces great results. Glad to be part of the ELECTRA user community.  Bob - Musicnode

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